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89th CAUT Council Meeting


Meeting materials for the 89th Council meeting have been posted on the Council website at Confidential documents, including financial reports, will not be posted on the Council website. All confidential documents have been sent by email to member associations and registered Council delegates and alternates prior to the meeting. If you have not received emailed confidential materials for this meeting, please contact Marcel Roy, CAUT Meeting and Event Planner, at, and specify the document(s) required and corresponding agenda item.

Confidential documents are identified by the notation (**) on the meeting agenda.

Note: Documentation and reports will be added to this page as they are finalized.
  • FRIDAY, November 27

  • 12:00 –12:30 — Login and Confirmation of Credentials

  • 01. Call to order and Announcements by Speaker (12:30)

  • 02. Adoption of agenda

  • 03. Adoption of Minutes of Meeting of June 26, 2020

    Draft Minutes of Meeting of June 26, 2020
  • 04. President’s Remarks

  • 05. Report of the Elections and Resolutions Committee

    a) Rules of Order
    b) CAUT By-law Number 1
    i) By-law Amendment
    c) Casual Vacancy, Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee
  • 06. Recommendations for CAUT Awards

    a) Lee Lorch Award
    b) Sarah Shorten Award
    c) Librarians’ and Archivists’ Distinguished Service Award
  • 07. Business Arising from the 87th and 88th Council Meetings

    a) Executive Director’s Report on CAUT and the CAUT Defence Fund (**)

  • 08. Report of the Executive Director on Academic Freedom (15:00)

    a) Investigations
    i) Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (UBC)
    b) Cases
    i) Academic Freedom in Teaching
    c) Censure
    i) University of Toronto / Faculty of Law - Academic Freedom Case Materials
    d) Litigation Report
    i) Access Copyright/York University
    ii) Canadian Federation of Students v. Ontario
    iii) University of New Brunswick
    iv) Laurentian University
    v) Arbitration Decisions
      A. CAUT Legal Update
  • 09. CAUT Policy Statements and Model Clauses (14:30)

    a) Policy Statements
    i) NEW PS on Academic Administrative Searches
    ii) PS on Criteria and Procedures in Renewal Tenure and Promotion Decisions
    iii) PS on Renewal of Academic Staff
    iv) PS on Academic Staff with Mental Health Disabilities
    b) Model Clauses
    i) MC on Openness and Transparency
  • 10. Resolutions from Member Associations (15:30)

  • 11. Report on Administration and Finances

    a) Financial Statements
    i) Financial Report (year ending June 30, 2020)(**)
    ii) Auditor’s Report (year ending June 30, 2020)(**)
      A. Report of the Audit Committee
    iii) Financial Report 1st Quarter (ending September 30, 2020)(**)
    b) Financial Resolutions
    i) Delegation of authority
  • 12. Report from the Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d'université (FQPPU)

  • 13. Report from the Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN)

  • 14. Reports

    a) Collective Bargaining
    b) Education
    c) Occupational Health & Safety
    d) Advocacy and Political Action
  • 15. Reports of Standing Committees

    a) Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee
    b) Collective Bargaining & Economic Benefits Committee
    c) Contract Academic Staff Committee
    d) Equity Committee
    e) Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee
  • 16. Reports of Working Groups and Committees of the Executive

    a) Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Working Group
    b) Clinical Faculty Committee
    c) Francophones’ Committee
    d) Ad-hoc Working Group on Governance
  • 17. Reports of Affiliated Organizations

    a) Report from the Harry Crowe Foundation
    b) Report of the CAUT Defence Fund
    c) Report of the J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Trust
    d) Report from the National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (NUCAUT)
  • 18. Report of Executive Committee Meetings

    a) Minutes
    i) Meeting of September 13-14, 2019
    ii) Meeting of November 26-27, 2019
    iii) Meeting of February 7-8, 2020
    iv) Meeting of April 21 & April 24, 2020
    v) Meeting of May 25, 2020
    vi) Meeting of June 19, 2020
    vii) Meeting of July 13, 2020
  • 16:30 — Adjournment