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Council Motion Sheet

Fillable PDF motion sheet to be completed and sent directly to the recording secretary.

Deadlines for submitting resolutions:

  • November 14: deadline for receiving resolutions for the printed Council meeting package and for the Council website, to allow for translation, lay-out and print production.
  • November 28: deadline for receiving resolutions for the online meeting materials, posted on the Council website, to allow for translation and lay-out.
  • November 29 - December 1: Motions and resolutions can be submitted during the Council meeting via email at Motions received at the Council meeting will not be posted on the online Council website or translated due to production requirements.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Margaret McGovern-Potié at or at extension 199.

—  CAUT Motion Sheet

To use this form:

  1. Save this file to your desktop
  2. Open the form using Adobe Reader
  3. Fill in the fields
  4. Save completed form to your desktop
  5. Email the completed form to the recording secretary at either:
    a.   anytime before the motion is moved;  OR
    b.   immediately upon the motion being moved.