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Information Sessions

November 23 11:30 AM

    i) Equity Café: Bargaining for Equity 
    This session explores how collective bargaining can be used to advance equity. Participants will discuss key issues and analyze recent gains by working through various examples of equity language in collective agreements.
    Facilitators: Brenda Austin-Smith, CAUT Vice-President, and Momin Rahman, CAUT Equity Committee Co-Chair – Alberta Room

    ii) Discussion Circle: Indigenizing the Academy
    Participants will learn about and reflect upon the outcomes of the recent CAUT conference, Advancing Indigenization, focusing on what role academic staff associations can play in Indigenizing the academy.
    Facilitator: David Newhouse, CAUT Representative-at-large, Aboriginal – Les Saisons

    iii) Confronting Climate Change – What Role for Academic Staff Associations?
    How can academic staff associations harness collective organizing and bargaining power to combat climate change on campus? The discussion will focus on collective bargaining for climate.
    Facilitator: Carla Lipsig-Mummé, York University, Principal Investigator, SSHRC Adapting Canadian Work and Workplaces to Climate – Governor General I

    Floor Plans:
    Westin 3rd Floor
    Westin 4th Floor