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Motions & Resolutions

Motions & Resolutions 

Fillable PDF motion sheet to be completed and sent directly to the recording secretary.

  • CAUT Motion Sheet
  • Note: Do not open form in Apple Preview

    Submitting motions and resolutions

    Motions and resolutions can be submitted via email at


    The deadline for submitting motions and resolutions is November 10, 2022. Motions and resolutions received after this date, unless accepted as an emergency motion or resolution, will not be considered by Council.


    Queries about submitting motions and resolutions should be directed to Margaret McGovern-Potié, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, at or 613-327-0211.

    Motions and Resolutions From The Previous Council Meeting

    Motions from the 92nd CAUT Council Meeting April 28-29, 2022
    Motions from the 91st CAUT Council Meeting November 25 & 25, 2021