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Information Sessions

May 2 @ 11:30 AM
i) Governance Matters
How can we better advance collegial governance in universities and colleges? Members the CAUT Working Group on Governance will share their initial “governance issues framework” for action, and will invite feedback and suggestions for future work.   – Renaissance Room (mezzanine)

ii) Federal Election 2019: What’s at stake and how to get involved
With the next federal election rapidly approaching, find out about the key issues at stake and the campaign tools CAUT is developing for members.   – Burgundy Room (mezzanine)

iii) Open Access: From the Harvard Model to Plan S
What does open access mean for academic staff and academic freedom? Find out about different open access polices, including the Harvard voluntary model and the European Union’s Plan S proposal for “open science”.   – Tudor Room (first floor)

Floor Plans:
Floor Plan