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Council Agenda 2019-11


Full Council agenda with hyperlinks to meeting materials.

Note: Meeting documents are posted online as soon as they become available for publication.


01. Call to order and Announcements by Speaker (13:30)

02. Adoption of Agenda

03. Adoption of Minutes of Meeting of May 2-5, 2019

04. President’s Remarks

05. Report of Elections and Resolutions Committee

06. Recommendations for CAUT Awards


07. CAUT Pundit Panel

What does the new federal government mean for post-secondary education and research?

  • Karl Bélanger, Political Advisor, CAUT / Biography
  • Rachel Curran, Senior Associate, Harper & Associates Ltd / Biography
  • Greg MacEachern, Senior Vice-President, Proof Strategies / Biography


08. Panel Discussion

Stronger Together: Organizing in Defense of Public Services

  • Linda Silas, President, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions / Biography
  • Larry Brown, President, National Union of Public and General  Employees / Biography
  • Larry Savage, Brock University Faculty Association / Biography

09. Guest Addresses (17:00)

  • Dr. Lai Suat Yan, Deputy Chairperson, Malaysian Academic Movement / Biography
  • Dr. Janne Gleerup, Dansk Magisterforening (Denmark) / Biography
  • Jens Vraa-Jensen, Dansk Magisterforening (Denmark) / Biography 

17:30 — RECESS


10. Business arising from the 86th Council Meeting (09:00)

i) Resolutions
A. Venezuela
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Venezuela (Council, 2019-11) 
Doc 2  CAUT to Freeland ( Venezuela) (2019-05-27) (Council, 2019-11)
B. Memorial University Act
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Memorial University Act (Council, 2019-11)  
Doc 2  CAUT to Ball re Memorial University Act (2019-05-24) (Council, 2019-11) 
C. Recruitment and Appointment of Academic Administrators
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Recruitment and Appointment of Academic Administrators (Council, 2019-11)
D. Benchmarking of Librarians’ and Archivists’
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Benchmarking of Librarians and Archivists (Council, 2019-11)
E. New Brunswick
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - New Brunswick (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  CAUT to Holder re opposition to NB student funding changes (2019-05-30) (Counciil, 2019-11)
F. Ontario
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Ontario (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  CAUT to Ford re Post-Secondary Education Policies (2019-06-07) (Council, 2019-11)
G. Pakistan
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019  - Pakistan (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  CAUT to Khan (Pakistan) (2019-06-10) (Council, 2019-11)
H. Investigative Journalism
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Investigative Journalism (Council, 2019-11)
I. Colombia
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Colombia (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  CAUT to Duque (Colombia) (2019-05-28) (Council, 2019-11)
J. Climate Change
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Climate Change (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  Memo to Council re. Climate Change (2019-10-30) (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 3  Solidarity with the Week of Climate Action (2019-09-19) (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 4  CAUT Bargaining Advisory Climate Change and Collective Bargaining 2017-05
K. Château Laurier Staff
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - Château Laurier Staff (Council, 2019-11)
L. 100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike
Doc 1  Member Resolution - CAUT Council Meeting May 2019 - 100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  100th Anniversary of Winnipeg General Strike (2019-05-15) (Council, 2019-11)

08. CAUT Policy Statements and Model Clauses

a) Policy Statements
i) i) NEW PS on Academic Administrative Searches
Doc 2  PS on Appointments to More Than One Unit (2019-03) (Council, 2019-11)
ii) ii) PS on Criteria and Procedures in Renewal Tenure and Promotion Decisions
Doc 2  PS on Article Processing Fees (2019-03) (Council, 2019-11)
iii) iii) PS on Renewal of Academic Staff
Doc 2  PS on Confidentiality in the Grievance Process (2014-11) (Council, 2019-11) 
iv) iv) PS on Academic Staff with Mental Health Disabilities
Doc 2  PS on Governance (2014-11) (Council, 2019-11) 
v) Online Harassment
b) Model Clauses
i) i) MC on Openness and Transparency


12. Report of the Executive Director on Academic Freedom

a) Issues
i) Intra-mural and extra-mural academic freedom
ii) Free Speech on Campus
b) Investigations
i) Potter (McGill)
ii) Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (UBC)
iii) Pyne (Thompson Rivers)
  Doc 1 Report - Academic Freedom Breached at Thompson Rivers University (2019-11-19) [Only available on Council website]
  Doc 2 Report on the Situation of Derek Pyne in the School of Business and Economics at Thompson Rivers University (2019-11) [Only available on Council website]
iv) Horne (Dalhousie)
v) Atlantic Veterinary College (UPEI)
c) Cases
i) Persinger (Laurentian)
  Doc 1 Laurentian University administration violated academic freedom (2019-11-21) [Only available on Council website]
  Doc 2 Laurentian University and LUFA Consent Award Nov 2019 (Persinger) [Only available on Council website]
ii) Maritime College of Forest Technology
d) Litigation Report
i) Access Copyright / York University
ii) Canada Research Chairs
iii) Arbitration Decisions


12:30 — LUNCH

13. Reports (14:30)

a) Collective Bargaining
i) Updates from member associations
b) Education
c) Organizing
d) Occupational Health and Safety

14. Advocacy and Political Action

a) Federal Election 2019
Doc 1  New polling shows Canadians believe in post-secondary education, and so should our federal political parties (2019-07-23) 
Doc 2  Public Opinion Research - Part One (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 3  Canadians want an accessible, affordable and high quality post-secondary sector (2019-09-02) (Council, 2019-11) 
Doc 4  Public Opinion Research - Part Two (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 5  Federal Election Toolkit - For Our Future (2019-08) (Council, 2019-11) 
Doc 6 CAUT Submission 2020 Pre-Budget Consultations (2019-08) (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 7 CAUT Education Review - Performance Based Funding in Higher Education (2019-10) (Council, 2019-11)
b) Report on Fair Employment Week
Doc 1  Review of Fair Employment Week 2019 (Council, 2019-11)
c) Copyright
Doc 1  CAUT condemns Heritage report on copyright (2019-05-17) (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  CAUT welcomes balanced, progressive copyright report from Industry Committee (2019-06-06) (Council, 2019-11)
d) Equity in Research
Doc 1  CAUT welcomes settlement on equity targets for Canada Research Chairs Program (2019-07-31) (Council, 2019-11)
Doc 2  2019 Addendum to the 2006 Canadian Human Rights Settlement Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions (Council, 2019-11)
e) National Framework on Gender-Based Violence at Post-Secondary Institutions
Doc 1  Courage to Act - 2019 Summary (Council, 2019-11)
f) Civil Liberties and Human Rights
i) Border Issues
ii) CSIS Activities on Campus
iii) Dr. Hassan Diab

15. Resolutions from Member Associations (16:00)

[Motions received after November 14th are only available on the Council website]

16. International Matters

a) CAUT International Solidarity Work
i) National Association of Graduate Teachers (Ghana)
ii) University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG)
iii) Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees (PFUUPE)
iv) College Lecturers’ Association of Zimbabwe (COLAZ)
v) Pakistan
b) Appeals and Campaigns
i) Hong Kong [Only available on Council website]
c) Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
e) International Labour Organization
i) Global Dialogue Forum on Employment Terms and Conditions in Tertiary Education
ii) Convention Concerning the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work, 2019
f) Education International


17. Presentation of CAUT Awards

a) Equity Award Recipient
  • Renae Watchman, Mount Royal University / Biography
b) Donald C. Savage Award Recipient
  • Stephen Law, Mount Allison University / Biography
c) Bernice Schrank Award
  • Linda St-Pierre, Laurentian University / Biography

17:00 — RECESS



18. Report on Administration and Finance

a) Financial Statements
i) Financial Report (year ending June 30, 2019) [Handout]
ii) Auditors’ Report [Handout]
  A. Report of the Audit Committee
iii) Financial Report 1st Quarter (ending September 30, 2019) [Handout]
b) Ratification of Collective Agreement with CAUT staff (in camera)
c) Executive Director’s contract (in camera)

19. Reports of Standing Committees (09:30)

a) Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee
b) Collective Bargaining & Economic Benefits Committee
c) Contract Academic Staff Committee
d) Equity Committee
e) Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee

20. Reports of Working Groups and Committees of the Executive Committee

a) Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Working Group
b) Clinical Faculty Committee
c) Francophones' Committee
d) College and Institute Academic Staff Committee
e) Ad Hoc Working Group on Governance

21. Report of Executive Committee

22. Report from the Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d'université (FQPPU) (10:45)

23. Report from the Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN)

24. Report from the National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (NUCAUT)

25. Report from the Harry Crowe Foundation

26. Annual Report of the CAUT Defence Fund

27. Report of the J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Trust

28. Coalitions

a) International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group
b) Public Education Network
c) Canadian Consortium for Research